Ollie & Nash's Mission

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If you’ve clicked on this page, you’re looking to learn a little bit more about Ollie & Nash- I am so happy to hear that!

My name is Alysia and I started this business during COVID as a passion project. As a new mom, I was having a hard time navigating my new role while also being housebound, so I took up a new hobby: sewing. This, combined with my love for thrifting, eventually turned into Ollie & Nash.

Focusing on sustainability through thrifted, repurposed fabric in our business concept was important for several reasons. As a new mom, I was increasingly aware that I brought a baby into this world and that my decisions were going to affect her future. Becoming more environmentally conscious was something I could do. By doing this, I began learning about how much waste is created by the fashion industry. I knew I wanted to try and contribute the least amount possible to this. I also wanted to create something different. Most of the fabric I find, I can only create a handful of pieces, which makes them all unique. 

Thanks for getting to know a little bit more about Ollie & Nash.

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